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Hand surgery simulator

HANDACT, picture 1

HANDACT, picture 1

The HANDACT is the first hand surgery simulator to reach such a level of realism. Designed to complete the training on living beings and cadavers, it is the solution to the economic, sanitary and ethical problems put by the traditional methods of learnings.

Besides this answer to the administrative and budgetary aspects of the training, the HANDACT is of a considerable interest from the technical point of view, as it offers a wide variety of applications: digital replantation, microvascular surgery, placement of screws and rods…

As a simulator, the HANDACT will propose you much more than a simple exercise of incision, reconstruction and suture: it will also put you in front of the constraints of the human body, in particular with regard to the bent position of the anesthetized fingers.

The realism of the HANDACT will be particularly striking during didactic demonstrations or timed exercises, as it closely imitates sensations which you could find in the operating room! It's a very reliable tool for evaluation and training, that can be used in the validation process of a student's university degree.


Le HANDACT inclut les éléments anatomiques suivants :

  • The skeleton, composed of the distal parts of the radius and the ulna, the carpal bones, the metacarpal bones and the phalanges. These last two elements can be fractured in order to allow the placement of osteosynthesis implants;
  • The flexor and extensor tendons, with annular pulleys, bringing a realistic flexion/extension functionality to each finger and offering the possibility to practice tendinous sutures;
  • The digital nerves;
  • The digital arteries, designed to practice micro-vascular sutures and to obtain realistic microsurgical anastomosis;
  • A fleshy envelope imitating the physical characteristics of the skin and of the soft tissues, and giving the simulator its amazing aspect, close to a true human hand.

All these anatomical elements were tested in practice and showed the profit which they can bring within the framework of the teaching of the surgery of the hand.
(Q.Qassemyar et al. A 4-task skills examination for residents to the assessment of technical ability in hand trauma surgery. Journal of Surgical Education. Vol 72 (3). To be released in June 2015. Available online)

To perfect the clinical conditions, all the operating gestures practiced on the HANDACT can be realized under image intensifier.

This simulator was created by Creaplast, French leader and worldwide-known company in the field of orthopaedics/traumatology, in collaboration with Dr Quentin Qassemyar, French specialist in microvascular and reconstructive surgery.

The HANDACT is a patented product, manufactured in France, and sold all around the world by Creaplast.


In France, this reference is distributed to health professionals exclusively by Medicalem.


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