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Micro Anastomosis Trainer (M.A.T)

Support for microsurgical anastomosis training



The M.A.T is the first microsurgical anastomosis simulator to allow the teaching of such a precise gesture


Designed as a narrow approach, this simulator allows to suture a Ø0.9mm or a Ø0.6mm vessel in a confined space. It can also be filled with water to practice in a liquid environment. Therefore, it will challenge beginners as well as experts with an exercise of great didactic interest.


The simplicity of its use, transport and storage are major advantages which will make the logistical and economical aspects of training courses easier, making the M.A.T a very reliable tool for training as well as evaluating learners.


Apart from this answer to practical, budgetary and universitary problematics, the M.A.T is the perfect solution to ethical and normative issues laid by traditional teaching methods involving animals or cadavers.