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Breast-Plate for Implantable Port

photo PlastronCI

photo PlastronCI

The breast-plate for implantable port was developed in collaboration with Medicalem to meet your needs for nursing-care training material.


This simulator is composed of a silicone part representing the flesh, under which a rigid plate is attached to protect the carrier from any possible sting resulting from an incorrect gesture.

Except for particular demand, the port-a-cath® and the blood bag are currently not supplied by Creaplast, but can be delivered directly to our production plant to let us assemble them with the breast-plate.


The model is held around the neck and waist of a person with adjustable straps. It allows practicing health cares on an implanted port.

The fact than it can be worn by a third person increases considerably the realism of the exercise, as it adds the possibility to discuss with the “patient”, and to feel his movements, breathing, …


In France, this reference is distributed to health professionals exclusively by Medicalem.


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