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Short Scoliosis Simulator

Short Scoliosis Simulator, picture 1

Short Scoliosis Simulator, picture 1

A "shorter" version of deviated spine is available: the RDEP. Easy to carry with you everywhere, and delivered on a small plexiglas base, it is a good tool for sales representative who need something to take with them in a plane for example.
The RDEP focuses on a L1/L5 segment.

It is composed of a spine, included in an elastomer strip which is fixed on a stable plastic base. Thanks to the properties of the elastomer, this product allows you to practice a correction of the scoliosis, with all the mechanical constraints of a real one (flexibility, resistance to efforts, derotation,...).

The degree of deformity is created on demand, and you can choose between a simple or a double curve. Thanks to a smart sliding device, the spine slightly grows up as you correct its deformity, so you can see the efficiency of the instrumentation concerning the ability to give a normal angulation to the spine.


Références Caractéristiques
RDEP Deviated L1/L5.