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Cleft lip simulator

Cleft lip

Cleft lip

Cleft lips and cleft palate represent the first facial deformity, avec roughly 1 case in 800 birth. These frequent malformations require a surgical repair within the first year which consists in a lip and nose plasty. The following post-surgery regularly requires to wear a nasal shaper in order to ensure an optimal scarring. The set-up and the daily maintenance of this shaper are delegated to the parents after a training course

The Centre de Compétence des Malformations Faciales of Lille, the simulation center PRESAGE and the company CREAPLAST have developed a simulator to teach the setting-up of the nasal shaper. This simulators allows a serene and efficient learning for the parents, in order to ensure a better compliance to this treatment, essential in the morphologic and functional result of the cleft lips repair