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Cleft Palate Simulator

photo Cleft Palate

photo Cleft Palate

SIMFVP – Cleft Palate Simulator


The cleft palate simulation model, developed in collaboration with Dr. Guerreschi from the CHRU of Lille, is designed for plastic surgeons. It is made to practice the surgical gestures implied by a cleft palate operation

This simulator is built with cylindrical partitions on which a silicone tube is put on, representing a 10-month old infant’s mouth. The inside of the mouth includes the dental arcade, as well as the malformation per se, whose silicone structure can be extracted and replaced after use.

As a low-fidelity simulator, the SIMFVP focuses purely on practical exercises, and it allows teaching the good gestures to unexperienced students as well as perfecting the skills of lifelong-trained surgeons.

This simulator is mounted on a Plexiglas base. Its inclination is adjustable.


In France, this reference is distributed to health professionals exclusively by Medicalem.

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