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Thoracic spine


Thoracic spine, Acrylic, picture 1

Thoracic spine, Acrylic, picture 1

Thoracic spine, Acrylic, picture 2

Thoracic spine, Acrylic, picture 2

Also called "acrylic spines" or "glass spines", these models are made to display your implants.

The Transparent Thoracic Spine range includes all models from a simple couple of vertebrae (ofr example T10/T11) to T1/T12.

The models can be delivered with a stand, composed of a plexiglas base and of a discret leg on which the spine is inserted through the medullar canal, so the whole thing is perfectly balanced and highlights your implants.
You can send the latter to us. Our specialists will place them carefully, in total compliance with your surgical technique.

The transparent bones can be colored. This is a free option, known as one our greatest specialities, and will showcase your corporate image. For the same purpose, the spine bases can be silkcreen printed on demand. This type of marking is very resistant and prestigious.


Références Caractéristiques
TNT1-12 Acrylic Thoracic spine T1/T12
TNTx-y Acrylic partial Thoracic spine (choose your levels when ordering)